April 26, 2017

Following the market

For any business, lasting success depends on the ability to adapt to and evolve with the changing market it serves. And so it has been with Gold Coast Auto Body in carving our niche as the premier luxury auto body shop serving Chicago’s Near North Side.

As you may know, the company started in 1991 when Lorenzo Martino opened a body shop on North Avenue with the help of his longtime employer and leading Chicago Mercedes dealership, Loeber Motors. His timing couldn’t have been better. Luxury imports were surging in popularity at the time, particularly in upscale city neighborhoods like Chicago’s Gold Coast, and the new shop was perfectly positioned to handle the new demand.

Soon, GCAB had moved beyond its Mercedes Benz base and was servicing other top European luxury brands, notably BMW, Porsche, Audi and its sister company Volkswagen. As the decade progressed and the marketplace grew even more international, Lorenzo added Honda/Acura and Land Rover to the mix. By the dawn of the new millennium, GCAB was among the most successful auto body repair businesses serving Chicago’s luxury import market.

We have continued to grow and diversify ever since, even as the communities we serve do the same. Perhaps the biggest step we’ve taken in recent years came when we became a certified Tesla Body Shop, the first in the city and one of only four in the entire Chicagoland area. It was a bold move, one that required a significant investment in technology and training. But it reflects the faith we have in the taste and judgement of our customers, and our commitment to follow their lead into the future. For 25 years, that’s been our formula for success. Why on Earth would we change now?